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Newly bought electric forklifts have to go through a running-in period. After the running-in period, they can be regarded as entering the normal handling work. During the running-in period, more attention should be paid. If the running-in is not good, it is very likely to reduce the service life of the electric forklift.

1. Meticulously inspect and maintain according to expected regulations.
2. In the case of no load, the high-speed operation mode cannot be turned on.3. The replacement of lubricating oil needs to be earlier than the specified time.4. There are no special circumstances, do not brake suddenly, so that the braking device can be fully run-in.5. The electric forklift should be preheated before operation, and it should be preheated in advance at any time.6. During the running-in period, the startup should be uniform and slow.7. After the running-in period, inspection and maintenance can be completed before it can enter the normal working state, and the method of "leaving first and then braking" used during the running-in period is only for the running-in period. After entering normal use, it must be operated according to conventional practices.8. During the running-in period, good maintenance is very helpful for the subsequent use of electric forklifts!
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