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 Advantages of outrigger electric stacker forklifts:

1. It can increase the stability of the economical body of the electric forklift. In professional terms, it increases the wheelbase of the front and rear wheels of the electric forklift, making the economical electric forklift more safe and stable when moving forward and backward.
2. It can effectively reduce the weight of the forklift; because if the economical electric forklift adopts a legless design, then the electric forklift must use the principle of leverage. If it needs to reach the carrying capacity of 1.5 tons of rated size goods, then the electric forklift is fully integrated. The weight of the car also needs to be at least 1.5T or more to lift the corresponding goods; but the fork-leg design can make up for the shortcomings brought by the lever principle of the electric stacker, and cleverly extend the fulcrum forward through the form of support legs. If the distance is larger, the ratio of the economical load capacity of the all-electric stacker to the weight of the body itself can easily exceed 1:1; for example, for goods with a load of 1.5 tons, then the body of the electric forklift does not need to be as heavy as 1.5 tons. It is possible that the body weight of the electric stacker is 750kg, which is half of it, and it can lift 1.5 tons of goods. It can be seen that the economical design of the fork-leg all-electric stacker has greatly improved the traditional lever principle.
3. The economical fork-leg electric forklift can effectively shorten the size of the forklift, making the all-electric stacker forklift compact and powerful! Because the economical electric forklift adopts support legs, the fulcrum moves forward, and the rear only needs to follow some necessary equipment of the electric forklift without adding additional counterweight, so the length of the electric forklift body of the fork-leg all-electric stacker can be effectively reduced.

Disadvantages of fork-leg electric forklifts:
1. The economical range of fork-leg electric forklifts has many restrictions: it is not suitable for high-slope environments. Generally speaking, the climbing degree cannot exceed 7°, otherwise there is a danger of the chassis being stranded. The economical fork-leg electric forklift is not suitable for racks and stacking places where the bottom cannot enter the fork.
2. The economical type of fork-leg electric forklift has higher requirements for the pallets used together: pallets can be roughly divided into single-sided and double-sided; single-sided pallets mean that the upper panel is used to place goods, and the bottom of the panel is the support column Or support the file, and then come down to the ground. The single-sided pallet can also be called a single-layer pallet. The double-sided tray is also called a double-layered tray, which means that there is a panel under the support column on the basis of the single-sided tray, and then the panel touches the ground. Yes; however, single-sided trays can only be used with the panels facing up. Fork-leg all-electric stacker economical type can only be used with single-sided pallets.
There are certain requirements for the height of the pallet. Generally speaking, when the economical fork of the fork-leg all-electric stacker is placed at the lowest point (that is, the fork is placed directly on the support leg), the minimum height is generally 85mm or 90mm; Then the gap height of the pallet used together must exceed the minimum height of the electric stacker fork before it can be used.
Compared with the fork-leg electric forklift, the legless counterweight electric forklift also has many advantages and disadvantages:
Advantages of legless counterweight electric forklifts: wide application range, higher grade than fork-leg electric forklifts, the lowest point of the fork can reach 50mm or even lower, and both single and double-sided pallets can be easily used. Easily adaptable to any stacking requirement.
Disadvantages of legless counterweight electric forklifts: the use of counterweight blocks makes the electric forklift relatively bulky, the body is long, it is inconvenient to enter a narrow space, the use is not very convenient, the weight and size are inconvenient to enter elevators and other places, and the price is more expensive.
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